Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Sinking Ship

Underwater now
Falling leaf
Bubbles rise to heaven
Abandon ship

Limbo now
Surface and floor
Still silently downward
Slower than before

The leak was discovered
A patch, a plug, a fix
Still a chance to stay a float
Still the light, still the air

To no avail, effort spent
Water consuming every inch
All in vain to prevent
This creation unintended

Slowly inching, blacker still
No patch available
No fix on deck
To bring this ship back to surface

Has it been decided?
Is this the fate?
Haven’t hit the bottom
Is there still some other way?

Worthless, not worthy
Of any real effort
Lost to the sea
A child of the water

Not the end, oh no
A new, your purpose is
In the depths you provide
A new home, in your death

But is that why you were created
Is that what you wanted
To be below the surface
And your existence forgotten

Save yourself, you can’t
Molded by unloving hands
To the depths, we say farewell

With a tip of the captain’s hat


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Dream...

All already gone
She was just here
She with me
And me with her

T'was a wisp
Our breaths together
I began to endure
Felt like forever

Drops of selfishness
To ease the dark thirst
That wonderful "togetheredness"
Seems to birth

The time and words wasted
Why did I not hasten?
A wisp, now, a dream
So hard to hold on to

Now apart, we, two
Is it any lighter?
Drowned in selfish alone
Feels like forever


Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Who am I that you will listen
Who am I that you will bless
How can I dare
Ay, that you will care
of the troubled seas
That I have brought upon me

Ungrateful weak and fragile
Powerless and vain
How can I ever remain
In life alive
with stain

Do not leave me to darkness
Don't leave me alone
Weak, a coward
That can't let go

For too long in darkness
Have I done all
I come to see the light
Only after I fall

Who am I?  Ungrateful sun
Unworthy father, speck of dust
Will you still bless the others
Innocence and ignorance, she crawls
Protect, give oil, make free
From the darkness that consumes all