Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Tree

I am a tree now
I let the seasons dress me
I do not bother with the weather
My shade is forever
I listen without speaking
I understand without moving
Completely naked I stand
I have no need to move
I have no where to go
Do I know much?
Do I have fruit?
No, I have nothing
I bend and sway
So easily chopped away
I don't hide or turn
I take in all that is rejected
Time slips through me
Ages me with growth
Do not ask me for what I don't possess
I let you do as you please
For why would you listen
Or have mercy
Or try to reason
With a tree?
Just a seed once
So much potential to match
Towering over me
They smiled and encouraged
I wasn’t just a tree
I was progressing, on the move
I was leaving
I will laugh at the mountains
I will tickle the clouds
But that is not how it turned out
No need for thanks or apologies
I will continue
With or without you
I am just a tree
Nothing bothers me