Saturday, January 25, 2014


Do I complain too much?
Do I put myself in the darkness?
Too much
Life is a duality
To have one,
You must have the other
The pursuit of happiness
Must be filled with such
Isn't it expected then?
Doubt can't be expected
Worry is not worried over
Time heals all wounds
or does it make them deeper.
Is that what life is...
A pursuit to an unattainable place?
If I can't be happy here,
then why should I be there?
Here, there, everywhere
How many feet do you meet?
With blisters and sores, on
The road of false dreams
A hamster wheel; an illusion
Diamonds under glass shine much brighter, the stars
Always out of reach
Can't stay still, no time to relax
No time to be happy
False hope, a nice trick
But I found out the Tragedy
Chase your end, sadness the means
Present happiness; demeaning
Higher and faster, infinity
Are you happy with the moon?


Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise, sunset
The same, continues
Once a ruler, a god
Master of the human race
It giveth, it taketh
it awakened those that slept
dried up the weak
blinded the proud
Supreme force
Unable to be controlled
Sunrise, sunset
The lamps burn all night
The electric hum
The king was weakening
Crops grow regardless
the weak are strengthened
The blinded are shaded
The A/C melting
electronic beeps awaketh
Midnight stars raineth
The ruler is weak, unheeded
A mere tradition
Grown old
A routine
Sunrise, Sunset