Saturday, December 21, 2013


Thou shalt not lie
Is that right
Number 11
Only the truth
Shall set you free
What is truth
A choice
               I hate you                                                                                      I love you
                 No, I don't agree                                                                       I agree
                    I think you lie                                                                      I believe you
                      I know you lie                                                                 I completely believe you
                        Washed up                                                                   Inventive
                          Pretentious rich kids                                                Humble artists
                            Dumb sheep                                                         My friends
                              Guilty sinner                                                     Saint
                                 Greedy pricks                                              CEOs
                                   Lustful degenerates                                 College kids
                                     Suicidal drug addicts                          Recreational users
                                        You don't want love                      Dating
                                            Suffering is happiness           Happiness is pleasure
                                                   Death is freedom      Freedom is living
                                                                  Truth is lie is Truth

You want the truth?
You can't handle the truth
Have a nice day           


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Christmas

Is it that time of year again?
Happy Christmas.
I used to like Christmas songs
I used to love them
All month long
Old Bing can belt them well
Spread holiday cheer
What happened
Can't stand the noise
I'm no Grinch
I'm no Strooge
Is that what Christmas is all about?
Charlie Brown
It's been what?
25 Christmases
50 more? Maybe
Super Size me
Get it over with
Please don't give me a gift
For the love of Christ
You did...
Snowed in with "love"
Ungrateful I know
It's for them
Not for you
Smile and thank
Like momma taught you
Christmas alone
With everyone all around
Happy Christmas, the walls came down
Is that what they want
Stop the staring
Happy Christmas, your alone
Your babe
In the arms of another manger
Waking to that monetary splendor
Where is Santa when you need him
Never where you think
Sorry I have to turn this down
I can't stand the jingles anymore
No more lectures
it's Christmas
So shut the door when you leave
Fa la la la la,
La la la la


Silly Me

Sometimes I get to thinking
You know me
I let my silly self go
Goals of moving away
Doing what I was born to do
Reading all these success stories
Skaters making albums
Painters making albums
Sculpters making albums
Directors making albums
Get myself going
Fired up for another one
This ain't so bad
Can last another season
Planes coming in
Two weeks of fun
Then silly me
The text will hit
Silly boy, dreams are for kids
Time to follow the devil
To the top of the moutains
Your Golgotha is not yet defeated
More blood is required
Drain, baby, drain
Lucy might have lasted longer
Wicked wings flapping at my window
Sleep no more little one
Dying in my dreams
When awake
Hoodwinked is my vodka
But it costs too much
Don't I get an Eve?
No, no one would choose to
Keep it simple
No more thinking, drink up
Silly me