Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Pace around the apartment
Back and forth
That’s what you do
When your heart won’t stop
I see the animals in the zoo
They pace
Back and forth
On the same path, against
The glass, you wait because
They’ll come around once more
Back and forth

Alone.  Alone is good
Back and forth
You can let it all out
You can mumble, grumble, growl
An animal back and forth

Each beat a footprint
How many are left?
Visitors are of no interest
Heart races and we make paces
People’s faces in frames encased pressed to the glass
Back and forth

How long will this last
Back and forth
How long can this last

When you give up or lose meaning
Not much to do
When you grow up with the goal
That you outgrew
You end up pacing, waiting for the Hand
Back and forth
That may or may not feed you
Basic instinct keeps the body alive
Animal dead inside

Back and forth
While pacing
Back and forth
Back and forth
While pacing

Back and forth

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Tree

I am a tree now
I let the seasons dress me
I do not bother with the weather
My shade is forever
I listen without speaking
I understand without moving
Completely naked I stand
I have no need to move
I have no where to go
Do I know much?
Do I have fruit?
No, I have nothing
I bend and sway
So easily chopped away
I don't hide or turn
I take in all that is rejected
Time slips through me
Ages me with growth
Do not ask me for what I don't possess
I let you do as you please
For why would you listen
Or have mercy
Or try to reason
With a tree?
Just a seed once
So much potential to match
Towering over me
They smiled and encouraged
I wasn’t just a tree
I was progressing, on the move
I was leaving
I will laugh at the mountains
I will tickle the clouds
But that is not how it turned out
No need for thanks or apologies
I will continue
With or without you
I am just a tree
Nothing bothers me

Thursday, November 13, 2014

All is Gone but Now

What is
What are
To trust the space
Between one’s ears
Think therefore am, no
For thoughts were not given but received
Born of environment
The fear has brought
Looming presence dominates
A stranger’s sermon
Belief a teddy bear
From Santa
Discovery murders
Deal with the terminal case
Of the human race
Nothing to hold
Infinity forward and behind
One point of one pointless existence
One moment to enjoy of nothing
All is gone but now
All is gone but now
Pain grows deep as enjoyment is indulged
Love risks high stakes
One throw of the dice
No justice
Survival a burden
No guilt can outweigh
Thoughts are borrowed
Pay back with interest
The soul is a relic
Time is inconsiderate
There is not grey, only black
The mind a traitor
All is betrayed, heart throbs in agony
Self-destruction diagnosed
No virus, no plague, no hope
Cry, cry into that disgusting night, my love
Love dies like the rest
Dry your tears with acceptance
Embrace it!
What am
The mistake of my fathers
Only what you think I am
I am


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Will to Remember

Together for eternity
Life times have passed since we parted
Only an hour ago
She was in my arms
She never was here
Consumed by her presence
All things were clear
Everything working systematically
Forgetting the shadows
How could I have been so careless…
How ignorant!
The light gone and the path turned
To darkness
Can she feel the same?
Too young
The will to remember
Never dominates the present
Now is emotion
Now is feeling
Plagued by what has or should have been
All was forgetting
So much pain
So much deception
The future should be forgotten
Exile the past from consciousness
Life is draining under glass
Right under the nose!
To touch, just a brief brush
With unbridled, unhindered and pure
What dreams are made of
Held in the hands
Forgotten! How they have forgotten…
Remembered only by those to have it taken
Forget or remember
Heaven or hell
All the same, all the same
The horror, the horror

Monday, September 22, 2014

Between two Worlds

I live between two worlds
One with life
And one with black
One has such joy and hope
The other cannot understand such concepts
I wake with eyelids heavy from keeping the moment longer
I wake with a gasp that I’m still on this planet
I eat with such speed, I hunger for more
I don’t want to even touch such requirements
The sky is so blue and the night so deep
The grave is so cozy and the grass so neat
Toys of trains, colors of wax
Black and white pixels, Wi-Fi news
Unending discoveries
Meaningless dialogue
Lessons of truth
Corporate confusion
Meaning overwhelmed
Emptiness infinite
We dream
I nightmare
Adult and Child
I tire of this limbo
Stuck between two worlds is no fun
I can’t belong to one

But can’t leave the other