Sunday, October 26, 2014

Will to Remember

Together for eternity
Life times have passed since we parted
Only an hour ago
She was in my arms
She never was here
Consumed by her presence
All things were clear
Everything working systematically
Forgetting the shadows
How could I have been so careless…
How ignorant!
The light gone and the path turned
To darkness
Can she feel the same?
Too young
The will to remember
Never dominates the present
Now is emotion
Now is feeling
Plagued by what has or should have been
All was forgetting
So much pain
So much deception
The future should be forgotten
Exile the past from consciousness
Life is draining under glass
Right under the nose!
To touch, just a brief brush
With unbridled, unhindered and pure
What dreams are made of
Held in the hands
Forgotten! How they have forgotten…
Remembered only by those to have it taken
Forget or remember
Heaven or hell
All the same, all the same
The horror, the horror

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