Monday, September 22, 2014

Between two Worlds

I live between two worlds
One with life
And one with black
One has such joy and hope
The other cannot understand such concepts
I wake with eyelids heavy from keeping the moment longer
I wake with a gasp that I’m still on this planet
I eat with such speed, I hunger for more
I don’t want to even touch such requirements
The sky is so blue and the night so deep
The grave is so cozy and the grass so neat
Toys of trains, colors of wax
Black and white pixels, Wi-Fi news
Unending discoveries
Meaningless dialogue
Lessons of truth
Corporate confusion
Meaning overwhelmed
Emptiness infinite
We dream
I nightmare
Adult and Child
I tire of this limbo
Stuck between two worlds is no fun
I can’t belong to one

But can’t leave the other

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