Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let Go

Here I am
Floating in an ocean
Set sail by a passionate fury
Pushed by lust to never look back
Too far by my own power
No turning back
Drifting now in a vast puddle
Of blood sacrifice
Living by the breath of the Almighty
Hope evaporated by the son
Hope of land? Hope of relief?
Direction unknown
The stars hide from me
The passion sapped from my heart
But it continues beating
To what end? By what means?
Shall I paddle in the fog
Only for more tears, more clear liquid
Fathoms and fathoms of absolute
Shall death rescue me? Will drowning release me?
Not even death's sweet embrace will gift me forgetting
And so in limbo I wither
At His mercy, I wait
To be pushed down along
To dine with Hades
My enemy, my mind
My own life a black mark
Heaven cannot be granted
To a broken and blackened heart
So here I am
Drifting endlessly for eternity
Deciding desicions
Whether the wind comes for me
Or is just trying to get past me

What do I want then?
Poverty?  I cannot be
To be rushed by like all those on land?
I am free on this skiff
No hurry or rush
All roads lead to the same end
Some are quicker than others
Relax and enjoy the waves
The salt of existence is not in the arriving
But the leaving and never getting there
American security is a easy to hold as water
You spend your life with your head down
Hands cupped in front of you
Never noticing the death all around you
The violin doesn't know what beauty it can make
Until animations take up the bow and play
Listen and let go
To that water that will make your life dull
For when you arrive with your water
You will realize that you will be the only one to drink it
Or maybe you won't
Let the wind pass me
I'm not afraid for
Here I am
Just as before

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