Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Sermon By a Cellphone

Everyone is afraid of me
I don't know what I'm thinking
We just landed in the morning
I don't know why
It's not that I had to go
It's like a dream of you in the back
Everyone signs that dinner table in Carl's jr
That's what she did
This is the best thing to do
This is the worst time to call
It's ok baby I love you
It's ok baby remember where you want to be
With the galaxy movie or whatever
Quick office of the apes in a little bit of the cement river
Really really really good thing
Everyone has been a little shy though
Well maybe I'll fly back
Or just a hobby anyway
Don't worry about the point of existence
And you can make it out of the bed

                                                     ---Quasimodo's Cellphone

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